Why must I be something that clearly I am not?

Why must I be something that clearly I am not? Why must I wear a cloak? Is it not noble to present oneself in a true light, must I forever hide my soul from those who might to readily judge me?

Am I less of a man because I shed a tear from time to time for a loved one passed on? Am I less of a person because I allow my heart rule over my head and refuse to allow any different? I fail to see why. I do not understand.

It is not the worth of a man for his prowess, but for his integrity, his willingness to stand up when needed, if asked or not. Courage and strength is not found by looking on the exterior of a man, it is found by reaching into his soul, it is proven in his actions and by the way in which he lives his life. Even the fearless have known fear, even the hardened have known the pain that only a broken heart can inflict.

I can stand tall and proud, not because of what I can do, but because of what I have done, and what I am prepared to do. I live my life according to a code, a code of honour, a code that is not written but felt, it is I who will be the judge of my worthiness and I accept no other.

I was taught at a young age self reliance, strength, courage, and will. These have served me well thus far. My darling Rita, with you by my side, your lessons and actions continue to shape me to this day. It is your strength and courage, your integrity and your love that from which I draw upon daily.

To my friends, wherever you may be. It is each of you who has taught and continue to teach the values and pleasures of friendship, a treasure I cannot describe.

And yet I digress, am I less of a man because I honour those of the fairer sex? A female, in her complexity and divine beauty, is surely proof that life is magical and special. No man should ever think he is worthy enough to stand taller, although we are equal, regardless of our gender, it is the gentle touch, the soothing words, the love and admiration of a woman that makes a man, it is for this I desire, no more, no less.

I am called arrogant because I hold my principles up above all else, and refuse steadfastly to change regardless of the circumstances. No, I will not lower myself nor those ideals for which I have lived my life until now, they are what define me, they give me direction, they provide a lantern when all is dark.

I refuse to wield my sword for anything less than what I consider to be worthy. Injustice, cruelty, pain, suffering. It is against these I shall always make a stand but I will not do so if it will not be just, right and honourable. My actions, my words, they are all definitions of the man you see before you, I cannot, I will not change.

Do not judge me, just accept me.

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over self.” ― Aristotle

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