A Knight is not, without the love for a lady

My journey took me over Mountains and streams, through valleys and lands so unknown. It was the one I sought, whose eyes blaze with passion, hair that shines in the moon, a heart so pure and a soul so deep.

It was the touch of a Maiden so fair I sought, her soft kiss felt upon my cheek, I dare not, I cannot imagine a Crusade more worthy of my time.

I am not a man that considers much his own needs but love is not worthy of those who hold out not to others. My sword of thought and shield of bold heart surely are such things worthy the attention of the one I love, sadly my love, sword, and shield is all I have to offer and very little else, please let it be enough.

Each day I dream of a lady, Margarita is her name, my search has finally come to an end. It is within her arms I smell her perfume, hear her whispering to my ear, my heart beating full of love and desire.

I am so lucky as to find such a lady, I have kneeled before her and declared my undying love and devotion, it is with her name upon my lips that I enter onto the field of honour, and it is in her name I will be victorious.

A Knight is not without the love for a lady and her name is Margarita.

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