All Lives Matter

“Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another.” ― Emma Goldman


The “Black Lives Matter” movement and the hatred towards the Police shown over the past few weeks have horrified me.  Racism is nothing short of a blight on the human race and I agree wholeheartedly that it needs to be stamped out.  It has no place in our society, we are and should be treated as equals but, is violence, anarchy, looting, and civil disobedience the way to go?  There is so much that the human race can be held accountable for,  wars, killings, the degradation of another race based upon their colour, religion or acceptable beliefs but we should be living in an enlightened age where we have learnt from the past.

Black lives do matter, all lives do, regardless of race.  I do not see a mans colour, I see him or her for what they are and how they treat me and others.  The degrading, unlawful and horrid acts perpetrated by some protestors sickens me.  These protestors are nothing short of hypocrites, and they are causing misdirection to what could actually be a cause we could all stand for.  Assinating and assaulting Police for the actions of just a very small minority of bad ones do not serve any cause and those doing it have stolen some that could be positive and turned into an excuse for anarchy.

“All Lives Matter”, we must learn to respect each other, this whole mess has turned into an orgy of violence and destruction and it brings tears to my eyes watching it unfold.  If people feel violence is the only answer then they have forgotten the non violent acts of the past that have brought about change.  Any person who commits an act of violence in the name of a cause has stolen any chance of it being a change for good.



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