Hi Everyone.

Rita showed me a proposal by someone in this street that we hold a simple ANZAC Day ceremony because the main one has been cancelled as a result of the CoronaVirus.

I am not sure if there are any other Veterans in the street and if so I truly hope to meet one day.  I personally have not missed an ANZAC Day since I was 12 in 12 years.  I served my country and then later on my community.  This day is very important, it is a day we remember ALL those who served and are serving and most of all we remember those brave Soldiers, Sailors, Naval Merchantmen and Airforce who gave up their today’s so we could have our tomorrows.  We remember and thank those who worked behind the lines, overseas and back home, Nurses, Police, Firefighters, Factory and Farmworkers.  Everyone did their bit.

I would like to propose that Dawn ceremony that commences at 5.30am and we all gather in our drive ways with candles and remember the fallen and those who are serving today.   Considering the current crisis we should also thank those in the front lines battling the virus.

I will place a sign with a poem where people can place flowers which we later take up the the Cenotaph in Oakleigh.  I have also purchased a number of Australian flags which leading up to the day can place in the ground in rows.
The commemoration will be short and start at 5.30am with the reciting of the ODE and at the end we will say “Lest We Forget”  the playing of the last post which at the end there will be a minutes silence which will be finished by another bugle call “Rouse”, followed by a piper playing “Flowers of the Forest”.

We are not the only street doing this but it  is not a race to see which street can do what but the fact that we owe it to those who have given us the freedom we enjoy today.

I would like to propose that the quick ceremony shall be as follows.

1:  Families gather in their own driveway with Candles at 5.30am

2:  The Ode;

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

The Last Post and one minutes silence at the end and then we say “Lest We Forget” and with the Rouse sounding after one minute.

A lone Piper will then play the tune “Flowers of the Forest” and our little service will come to an end.

A few days before,  people are welcome (keeping safe distances from others if they are there) to write on the sign any words of thanks or details of their relatives who may have served, place flowers at the bottom of the sign and place a flag in rows next to the sign.  A picture of this will be taken after the service and will be available for everyone and a copy given to the local RSL.

If you have any ideas or comments please feel free to make them below or at least comment that you will be turning out.

I have only lived on this street for two weeks now and the community spirit I have seen has been nothing short of wonderful so I hope we can make this work.

Dave O’Neil
Number 8


Please leave a comment if you can below below to let us know you and your family will be taking part.


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