As I See It

It was an unusually dark night even with the multitude of city lights casting their glow over the river. I stood there looking down from the bridge, mesmerised by the reflections given off by the river below…..

There’s access to one of the pylons with a platform and a small café, the café, of course, was closed at this late hour. I noticed a figure sitting on the platform, legs dangling head down, I couldn’t see if it was male or female. I noticed the figure start to tear something up and then throw it into the river and then with one final look the figure moved onto and up the stairs out of my sight.

I found myself wondering who the figure was. Was he a jilted lover throwing away the photo of the girl who betrayed his trust, maybe a girl who was saying goodbye to a list of dreams written on a piece of old notepaper. Whoever the figure was, there was a story there.

I turned around and watched the people walking by, the cars zooming past on the busy road, the horse and carriages with their passengers gleefully looking out.

I saw the trees with their fairy lights casting a surreal shadow across the paths and the clouds shadowed by the moon.

As I turned up my collar against the cold of the night I started off to go home with a feeling of completeness, this was my city, these were my people, this was my home, this is my life.



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