As I See It

It was an unusually dark night even with the multitude of city lights casting their glow over the river. I stood there looking down from the bridge, mesmerised by the reflections given off by the river below…..
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Springbook Australia

Springbrook is a mountain and plateau area, in Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia. Bush trails lead to Springbrook Mountain. The park is part of the Gondwana Rainforest, home to wildlife including koalas and rare birds. Dramatic Purling Brook Falls can be viewed from a suspension bridge below. The Twin Falls cascade into 3 rock pools. Nearby, the Natural Bridge was formed by the force of a waterfall.
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To Me A Photograph Is An Emotion Captured In Time

To me, photography is about taking a snapshot of a moment in time that may never happen again, it is just as much the telling of a story, whatever that story may be.  I am not a portrait photographer, the subject must be able to tell a story, sometimes it may just be a story that means something to me.  I never plan shoots, the closest I come is deciding which camera to take or both of them. In these images look past the subject, try to feel what I felt, find the tale, the story, sometimes it might only be one word, sometimes many.
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The Code 9 Foundation

On April 8 2003 our founder, Mark Thomas, attended a suicide as part of his policing duties and he was hit hard by the sight. Something was markedly different to any other deceased persons or trauma scenes he had attended in the past but failed to recognise and heed to the subsequent warning signs. Although Mark did not spill one drop of blood that day, he was still undeniably severely injured; the resultant psychological damage was significant.
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