To Me A Photograph Is An Emotion Captured In Time

To me, photography is about taking a snapshot of a moment in time that may never happen again, it is just as much the telling of a story, whatever that story may be.  I am not a portrait photographer, the subject must be able to tell a story, sometimes it may just be a story that means something to me.  I never plan shoots, the closest I come is deciding which camera to take or both of them. In these images look past the subject, try to feel what I felt, find the tale, the story, sometimes it might only be one word, sometimes many.
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The Old Dog

Nearly every morning I try to go for a walk along a beaten track that follows a creek bed quite close by here. At 6am it is beyond peaceful, it’s rejuvenating and inspiring as the sun rises over the horizon or when the fog gives the path a surrealistic outlook.
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Ghosts of the Past – PTSD

I cry in terror as the demons of the past pull me into the dark with the ghosts of my past. I cry out, “Leave me be”, I pray for a moments peace, to sleep and to escape, even if for just a while. I pray with tears rolling down my face but, my prayers go unanswered, peace eludes me. In the dark awaits the judgment for all my actions, all my decisions, it is my very own personal hell from which I cannot escape. There is no Jury that can pronounce a sentence harsher than this.

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Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2017

For over a decade, Ballarat Heritage Weekend has been delivering an immersive, engaging and fascinating experience for visitors. With a storied history and incredible streetscapes, Ballarat is an exciting place to explore and this event delicately intertwines the past and present to create a unique offering unlike any other.
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