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Suck It Up or How To Lose Your Sanity

So you think you’re tough huh? You reckon you can push it all deep inside of you, not let anyone notice and everything will be ok – well is it?
You wander blindly on ignoring the turmoil just waiting to explode inside you, the hurt, the pain, the sadness you have seen, the loss, it’s all still in there and trust me, it wants out.

You reckon it’s weak to express your feelings, well, it’s not, there is a time and place for everything but unless you get a handle on it, it’s going to strike at the worst possible time and probably in a place that’s far from appropriate.

“Suck it up?” Oh give me a break, you’re more probably going to end up a blithering mess before you can ignore all that has been pushed deep inside you – if you crack and don’t take care of all those feelings, you’re going to fall into a very very deep hole.

Bother your friends? What the bloody hell do you think a friend is for, and if he/she doesn’t care, then he/she isn’t a friend, crikey, wake up and reach out.

Just because your a bloke, doesn’t mean things can’t get you down, your human, humans have feelings, thoughts and emotional struggles are nothing but human.

Oh yeah, that’s right tough guy, you think that because of the job you do and the people who rely on you might think less of you if you succumb to the years of seeing the horrors you have, the pain of losing a loved one? If they did, then they probably have more issues than you and they will soon be gurgling alongside you in that padded room.

What? Crying is for females and the weak!! Your halfway to being a lunatic now, go for the gold “SHOW ME THE MONEY”. I have seen tougher guys than you cry mate and then after they had let it out and dealt with it, instead of running away, they got right back to it.

Ok so now you’re getting the picture, good, here’s my hand mate, let me show you how to climb out of the large hole, because………………I’ve been there.

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