The Forgotten Hero

There sits an old man on a bench at the local park. No one notices, no one cares, no one knows. His mind drifting he remembers days of old, days long gone past.
He remembers his friends as he sits there. His mind wanders back to another day and time when as a young man, he braved heat and fire to save lives. He remembers the rush of the truck and he remembers the excitement of not knowing what they will come upon once they reach their destination.

His hands are no longer those of a young man he once was.  He sadly remembers those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, he sadly remembers those he could not save, there are too many.  He hears a siren approaching from the East and he looks toward it. He sees the trucks go past and for a brief moment wishes he could attend one last fire.  He is alone now, all of those he served with have passed away and those who stepped into their boots are not for an old man and his stories.

As he sits there, a little tear manages to free itself and drops slowly down his cheek.  If only those who passed by him really knew, that the old man sitting on the bench was a hero a hundred times over, as were his brothers.

As the Firefighter he once was and the old man he is today, he is a forgotten hero.



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